Over the last few years, Oracle has been building a best in class suite of CX products in the Cloud – on a single platform, addressing business needs around marketing, commerce, sales, service, knowledge and social monitoring, which helps organisations deliver superior customer experiences that foster advocacy and ultimately revenue growth. Combinations of these product lines and capabilities, in a plug and play fashion utilising our Integration Cloud Service (ICS) platform – come together to address very specific needs and challenges pertaining to the Utilities industry, which include; for Water: SIM/C-MEX, Open Water, GDPR – and for Energy: New Connections, Disengaged Customer DataBase, BMCS (Broader Measurement of customer Sat League Table), and again, GDPR. These business processes are further supported and augmented by Adaptive Intelligence (AI), Machines Learning, IoT and BOT’s – which enables an enhanced level of automation which in turn drives your business to new heights in customer interaction, self-service and efficiency. Oracle’s complete, integrated CX Platform can be up and running in weeks, and also provides the necessary agility to reshape business processes in real time as markets and customer needs change.

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BMG Research

BMG is one of the largest independent research agencies. Our success is due to the quality of our staff who continuously provide excellent research, delivering insight to our clients and helping them to meet their business goals.  We combine technical knowledge and skills with outstanding customer service to deliver unparalleled value and market insight. Established in 1988, BMG mainly undertakes research contracts for central government departments and agencies and regional and local authorities across the UK. BMG has a robust understanding of the utilities sector, conducting SIM for Ofwat as well as replica studies for numerous companies within the industry.  BMG is also a project partner on SAVE, a groundbreaking household energy study funded by Ofgem.

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