WET News

WET News is the voice of water industry contractors, delivering the specialist information that they require to operate efficiently, cost-effectively and profitably in an ever-changing market place.

For more information, please visit: www.wwtonline.co.uk


Water & Wastewater Treatment (WWT) is the only print magazine and website addressing the operational issues in the water industry. For the engineers in water companies and intensive water-using manufacturing, WWT provides the information they need to make water work. Authoritative and concise, WWT covers news analysis and commentary, project case studies, technology innovations and industry research spanning all areas of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.

For more information, please visit: www.wwtonline.co.uk

Global Water Intelligence

Global Water Intelligence publishes newsletters and reports providing analysis and strategic data on the international water market. Its flagship publication, the monthly industry journal Global Water Intelligence (GWI), has established itself as the market-leading publication for developers, suppliers, financiers, governments, utilities and municipalities seeking information and analysis on water projects with an element of private sector participation.  For more information, please visit: www.globalwaterintel.com

For more information, please visit: www.globalwaterintel.com

Institute of Water

The Institute of Water, founded in 1945, is the only professional body that exclusively supports the careers of anyone working in the UK water industry. It supports the careers of people working in all professions and at all levels across the industry by offering a unique and independent learning, development and networking framework. The Institute of Water offers members a structured approach to CPD, learning opportunities, a quarterly journal, and online access to relevant industry information. It also provides professional recognition for engineers and environmentalists. A range of networking opportunities are provided for members, both online and through a range of events held across the country.

For more information, please visit: www.instituteofwater.org.uk

Future Water Association

The Future Water Association aims to shape the future of the water sector by taking a leadership role with government, industry members and the public, focusing on innovation and education, increasing engagement throughout the membership and across the sector and becoming the voice of the sector. Future Water Association is a modern, innovative and dynamic organisation that inspires, supports and leads the water supply chain. It informs the sector about opportunities, the regulators about challenges and government about policy direction, innovates through Water Dragons, delivers the ‘innovating the future’ roadmap, and influences and inspires the supply chain to develop innovative solutions and new ways of thinking to shape the future of the water sector.

For more information, please visit: www.futurewaterassociation.com

Consumer Council for Water

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) is the independent voice for all water and sewerage consumers in England and Wales. It was established in 2005 to provide consumers with strong representation, including making sure their interests are at the heart of decision making in the water industry. It provides free advice to consumers and works hard to keep them informed on the issues that affect their water and sewerage services. CCWater will also take up consumers’ complaints if they have tried and failed to resolve issues with their water company. Its aim is to settle 70 per of complaints within 20 working days and 85 per cent within 40 working days – and it has been successful in its efforts to achieve this.

For more information, please visit: www.ccwater.org.uk

Institute of Customer Service

Founded in 1996, and formally incorporated in February 1997, we help our members improve their customers’ experience and their own business performance. For too long, customer service had been seen as an after-thought, part of after-sales activity. Instead, it is integral to the success and failure of organisations, and we are dedicated to increasing recognition of its importance. To support those working in service, we have created tools to assess organisational performance and identify key areas for improvement. We have built a professional framework to help people gain and improve customer service skills. And we work hard to ensure customer service professionals get the recognition they deserve. If you believe in the importance of customer service as much as we do, get in touch and find out how becoming a member can raise your organisation’s standards.

For more information, please visit: www.instituteofcustomerservice.com

British Water

British Water is the trade association for the water industry supply chain, representing the industry collectively to government, regulators, other institutions, customers and the media. Recognised as the voice for the industry, British Water is able to ensure that the message gets through where the representations of a single, commercial enterprise would invariably fail to register.

For more information, please visit: www.britishwater.co.uk

Water Industry Forum

The Water Industry Forum is a neutral, independent, not-for-profit organisation serving the water industry. With more than 500 member organisations, it aims to connect the whole of the UK water sector through seminars, working groups, workshops, networking events and collaborative projects. It focuses on collaboration by working with regional water companies on the challenges of AMP6 and beyond to influence engagement and collaboration with the supply chain; innovation by addressing the issues affecting innovation within the sector through working groups and events, and research by working with academic partners on collaborations with industry and on ways of improving the impact of water research and new technologies.

For more information please visit: www.waterindustryforum.com

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